The art of the sale.

We know you don’t have time to waste. You’re ready to take the next step in your life, moving on to your next nest.

At Nest Forward, we’ve honed our sales process and understand the keys to pique a buyer’s interest and to maximize the exposure your property receives.


Beyond the Home: When you buy a home, you’re buying more than a building. You’re buying into the coffee shop around the corner, the school your children may someday attend, the public transportation that makes your commute easier, the park where you’ll spend your Saturday mornings. We’re selling a whole package here, and we’ll find the best way to represent that to your buyers. And of course, the Nest Forward team believes in Paying it forward, and emphasizing a healthy and vital community throughout the sales process helps buyers see the impact of their dollars in their new community.

A Beautiful Nest: Your home is a reflection of your tastes, passions, and preferences, and for a buyer, we want them to be able to picture themselves there, with a clean slate. That may mean staging your home to maximize space, light, function, and usability. Home staging is included in the service package that Nest Forward offers to you at no additional cost, and our interior design and home specialist partners can transform your space into a fresh palette that will appeal to every buyer.

Show, Don’t Tell: A picture is worth a thousand words, and in real estate, great pictures can also be worth thousands of dollars by creating desire and a sense of value before a buyer ever steps into a property. We’ll bring in a professional photographer and videographer to create high definition photography and video to tell the story of your home.

The Right Price: The right price can make or break your sale. The experts at Nest Forward will help you price your property to attract the highest number of qualified buyers, so your property sells as fast as possible, for the right amount.

Create a Buzz: Leveraging our network of contacts, Nest Forward will host events at your property that will generate interest and get the word out that there is something special available. From other agents to local business owners to a personal network of contacts, we’ll be sure that the right people know that your property is available. We’ll also focus our efforts on social media, posting your listing on various social channels and working with our trusted partners to achieve a viral marketing effect.

Think Globally: Globalization has an immediate and powerful impact on our real estate market, attracting the attention of real estate buyers and practitioners worldwide. Foreign investment in residential real estate is increasing and greater opportunities now exist for cross-border transactions. As a member of ICREA (International Consortium of Real Estate Associations), your home will be internationally featured on The door will be opened to millions of international online buyers actively looking to purchase real estate in the United States.

And of course, we follow the most important rule of all; communicate, communicate, communicate. We’ll be in touch with you every week with updates on efforts and progress, as well as providing monthly reports on market activity in the relevant area and price point.

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