Pay It Forward

Nest Forward was launched with a vision, that through effectively matching properties with passionate community members, a sea change could be built. That sea change comes in the shape of healthier, more vibrant communities with active members who are committed to success.

These are so much more than just the places we live and work. Our communities are the legacy we’ll leave for the future. They are the fabric of who we are.

Nest Forward is committed to matching prospective buyers with the right community, but our program for giving back is more than our approach to buying and selling.

Community Engagement
From volunteering and sponsoring local events and organizations, Nest Forward and our staff are available for consultation, and time and resource support. If you have a local organization who could benefit from our sponsorship, please reach out via

Quality Housing and Advocacy
At Nest Forward, we’re committed to improving the quality of low-income housing and advocating for more affordable housing on the North Shore. Our network of supporters continues to grow, and if this is a cause that your business supports, please reach out for information on how we could partner toward our common goal via

Sustainable Choices
In addition to supporting through our external focus, we also strive to look inward for improvement and commitment, and the Nest Forward staff has committed to various choices that help us deliver on our mission. From leveraging technology to reduce paper in our transactions, to looking for opportunities to incorporate energy efficiency into our business practices, we’re striving toward constant improvement in the way we do business.

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